Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are concluded in between, on one side, Oriane Zerah Director on behalf of company Azal by Oz  and, on the other side, customers wishing to purchase by using the electronic commerce web site www.azalbyoz.com, subsequently named « User ».

In order to apply the above, it is agreed that the User and Oriane Zerah will be commonly named « Parties » and individually named « Party », and that the user, having placed his order, will consequently be named « buyer ». The rights and obligations are the same for the user and the buyer. It is presumed that all purchased products are for personal use only. The User who wishes to purchase via the web site, declares being in possession of full legal capacity. Any order of a product offered on the web site requires the consultation and formal acceptance of the presented terms and conditions, without the need to confirm the acceptation with the handwritten signature of the user. According to the regulatory framework, it is reminded that the validation of the order form represents an electronic signature that has the same value as a handwritten signature and therefore proves the completeness of the order and the maturity of the amount due whilst the execution of the order in question.


By using this website and/or placing an order you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. We may change these terms from time to time without notice to you. Changes will apply to any subsequent orders received. Once your order has been confirmed, we will not be able to make any changes.

Due to the relations the presented terms and conditions establish on the Internet, they target on defining the rights and obligations of the parties emerging out of the online sale of the products offered on the web site. They direct all the necessary stages following the placement of the order and ensure the follow up in between the contracting parties.

The parties agree that their relations will be controlled by this contract and the special delivery and return conditions stated under the tab « delivery ».


The products for sale (« Products ») are the ones listed on the website www.azalbyoz.com on the day the user is visiting the site, within the stock available. Every product is accompanied with a description established on the basis of the information provided by the supplier. The pictures are the most faithful possible but cannot insure a complete resemblance with the offered product, in particular as regards colors and materials. In case of non-availability of the product, Oriane Zerah promises to inform the user as soon as possible.

In case of non-availability beyond 30 days of an ordered and paid product, the buyer will be informed by electronic mail (E-mail address) or by telephone. Furthermore, the order of the product will be cancelled and the user will receive a refund. If the user ordered more than one product, and only the order of one product has been cancelled, the rest of the order remains stable and final. The products sold on the web site are in conformity with the applicable legal regulations in France. Oriane Zerah can only be hold to account in case of the non-respect of the legislation of the country where the product is delivered to, which has to be checked by the buyer. The buyer is the only one responsible for the choice of products, their maintenance and their use.


All prices are  Euro (€). They take into account possible promotions as well as GST, applicable on the day of the order. Oriane Zerah reserves its right to change its prices at any time, but the products will be billed on the basis of the current tariffs at the moment of the order acceptance, typing errors and omissions excepted, and with reservation of the availability of the products in question. The given prices includes administration costs, postal charges and packaging if they are delivered in India; otherwise, for delivery in other countries, additional costs will be charged and they will be specified during the validation process of the order.

 The products stay the property of Oriane Zerah until the exact clearing of the given price. In case of a full or partly non-payment of the order by the buyer, Oriane Zerah reserves its right of ownership over the sold products, with the right to take back the products in question. If applicable, any down payment made by the buyer will stay the property of Oriane Zerah, as an overall indemnification, irrespective of any other legal action that might be taken against the buyer.


All orders placed on the web site and delivered outside of EU could be subject to possible taxes and customs tariffs imposed when the package reaches its destination country.
Those possible customs tariffs and taxes, due to the delivery of a product, are to be paid by the buyer and abdicate his responsibility. In order to get to know the tariffs and taxes, Oriane Zerah advises the user to inform itself at the local authorities.


The confirmation of the order entails acceptance of the present terms of sale, the acknowledgement of them and the renunciation of taking advantage of its own conditions of purchase or any other conditions. All the data provided and the registered confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction. The confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the operations. When having paid, the buyer will receive a summary of his order by electronic mail, addressed to the mailing address given at the moment he placed the order. This confirmation summarizes all the components of the agreement in-between the different parties.

Oriane Zerah reserves its right to refuse any order or delivery in the case of litigation of the buyer, on default of full or partial payment of an anterior order, the refusal of payment by bank card by the banking houses and insurances and the default of full or partial payment of the present order. The company Azal by Oz and Oriane Zerah can therefore in no case be held liable for the above mentioned.


The buyer has seven days; counting from the day he received the order, to return, at his own expense, the product(s) he has ordered if it/they do not meet his expectations. The returned product(s) has/have to correspond to the original product and they need to be in the same condition as they have been received by the buyer.

All special order (“Special order” refers to any order of product not normally stocked by Azal by Oz or any product that is custom-made according to the buyer’s request and specification) will not be refunded.

The buyer, when returning the products, declares his name and order number in order to simplify the refund process. The return can be made by express parcel tracking in India to the following return address:
Oriane Zerah / M Saint Etienne, 13 Rue Camille Roques 12200 Villefranche de Rouergue.

If the above stated conditions are fulfilled, Oriane Zerah refunds the buyer within the ten days that follow the reception of the order by the buyer (the date the buyer received the parcel counts as notification to Oriane Zerah that the buyer has exercised his right of withdrawal). The refund corresponds to the amount of money the buyer has transferred to Oriane Zerah when buying the product(s), except for the return fee of the product(s), which has to be paid by the buyer.


To satisfy all customers, you can use several means of payments. While you are processing your order, you can select the most convenient solution for you. Credit cards:

All credit card payments on www.azalbyoz.com are fully processed by a major Indian Bank, via its web solution . Consequently, www.azalbyoz.com never has any access to your bank account or credit card details. They are directly processed and coded (without passing by our website).
Once your payment had been accepted,and closes the transaction, which prevent any usage of your credit card number.

The following credit cards are accepted on azalbyoz.com: credit card / E-credit card, Visa / Visa Electron, Mastercard.

You can also settle your orders to www.azalbyoz.com with Paypa. To do so, choose the option ” paypal payment ” while you are processing your order.


The shipping deadline for all the items is made according to the available stock: under 4 days(working days), if all the articles of order are in stock. The shipping times given are to count from the day following the validation of the order by the buyer and are conform to the processing and shipping time of the products. In the case of an unusual lateness, the buyer will be informed by electronic mail. The products are delivered with the probative invoice to the delivery address given by the buyer whilst filling in the order form. The risks are chargeable to the buyer as from the moment when products left the premises of “Oriane Zerah”. In spite of all the efforts Oriane Zerah makes whilst preparing the parcel, it is possible that a product is missing or that, after the transport, a product is damaged. The buyer is therefore asked to verify the conformity of the products bought and the products delivered. Any difference in-between the order and the delivery (missing or damaged products, defective packaging) needs to be notified to the customer service of the company (orianz@azalbyoz.com) during the three days that follow the reception of the package. In order to notify Oriane Zerah, the buyer needs to fill in a form in the « Contact us » section of the web site. After the expiration of the time limit of three days, the products will be considered conform to the order and free from defects. Any reclamation forwarded after the time limit will be rejected and the company can no longer be held liable.

Furthermore, Dorothee Oriane Zerah reserves its right to ask the buyer to return the defective products to the company. If the above stated conditions are fulfilled, Oriane Zerah will proceed to the payback of the defective or missing product(s) (with reservation of the legality of the buyers query).


All the elements of the “Azalbyozt” website are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of ” Azalbyoz”. Nobody is authorized to reproduce, to exploit, to rerun, or to use, even partially, elements of the website whether they are software, visual or sound.


“Dorothee Christine Sausset” will archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and sustainable support establishing a faithful copy. Registers computerized by ” Dorothee Christine Sausset” will be considered by parties as proof of the communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.

The collection of the information nominatives is mandatory for mail order trading; this information is necessary for the treatment of the order and its delivery as well as for the creation of the invoices. The information is strictly confidential. A lack of information contains an automatic refusal of the order.

The user has the right to access, change, rectify and cancel his data. In order to exercise this right, the user has to address a letter to the customer service of azal by Oz at registered office address mentioned above. At any time, the user needs to give his name, address and his order number.


The presented terms and conditions as well as all kinds of purchasing and selling operations focused on this web site will be subject to Indian law. The allocation of competencies in case of litigation, and on default of an agreement in-between the parties, is forwarded to the courts of India at registered office situated for the litigations with other companies and to the State jurisdiction of Registered office in case of litigations with private persons, albeit the plurality of the defenders and/or to appeal warranty, even for urgent and summary proceedings or by filing a lawsuit.